haileyDance, Music, & Tumbling Student… Haley Procarione!

  • Age: 4
  • Favorite TV Show: Nature Cat!
  • Favorite Activity: Playing!
  • Lessons you take at AMA: Hippity Hoppers, Music FunTime, Ballet/Tap, & Basic Tumbling!
  • Favorite Dance Move: Spinning on one toe!
  • Favorite Food: Rainbow Sherbet!
  • How long you’ve been taking lessons: Just started year 3!
  • Favorite Color: Blue!
  • Favorite Country (Besides the USA): Turks & Caicos

What dance means to you: I get to see all of my friends & learn new things! I also get to have fun with my teachers!

Your teachers have this to say about you:

Miss Ann Marie says: “Haley is one of the most hard-working students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. In Music FunTime class, she always has her hand up to answer questions (and she is always correct!!) Haley is so sweet and a good friend to her classmates. She is an AMAzing dancer and her positive attitude and smiling face each week made her the perfect recipient of October’s Student of the Month.  Keep up the good work, Haley!  We all love you!!! 

Miss Jenn says: “Haley is an INCREDIBLE student in my Hippity Hoppers class! She is always smiling and full of energy, ready to take on any dance move I ask her to do! Not only is Haley a great listener in dance class, but she is also a good friend to others. She makes new students in class feel welcome and is never too shy to lend a helping hand. Keep up the AMAzing job you are doing! Congratulations Haley!” 

Miss Lauren says: “Haley is my shining star. She has the BIGGEST smile every single class and always does her best. It is an absolute pleasure having her in class! Congratulations superstar!”

Mr. Chester says: “Haley is SO full of energy! She is a great leader and she comes to class prepared and ready to learn. She definitely brightens up my classroom. Great job Haley!”hailey2

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