Dance/Tumbling Student Maya R.!

  • Age: 11
  • Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation
  • Favorite Activity: Dance
  • Lessons you take at AMA: Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Tap, Tumbling, and ADF Performance & Competition team
  • Favorite Dance Move: All of them!
  • Favorite Food: Pasta
  • How long you’ve been taking lessons: Since I was 3!
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Book: A Series of Unfortunate Events

What dance means to you: Dance is a place where you let go. I’m so happy when I am at dance! AMA is my second home! All my teachers and friends are AMAZING!!

Student of the Month Maya Riley

Your teachers have this to say about you:

Miss Ann Marie says: “Maya is one of the hardest working students I have ever met.  She was completely prepared for the audition of Molly in our Holiday Show, but I am not sure she realized how intense (and often) rehearsals would be.  There was a point when she came to AMA 7 days each week (that’s more than me!)  But, she met that commitment head on and did all that was asked of her (AND MORE!) with excellence and grace!  She gave us every ounce of energy had and was a delight to work with!  Maya, I am ridiculously proud of you!  CONGRATULATIONS on being voted “Student of the Month” by our entire AMA Staff!  You deserve it!”

Miss Jenn says: “Maya’s dedication to dance has REALLY helped to push her to a whole new level this year! I am so proud of how her both her attention and technique have grown in lyrical class! She is always seeking direction and is willing to work on the corrections we focus on! Not only is Maya a dedicated student in class, but she is outside of class as well. There were many times this semester that Maya stayed after lyrical with me to work on her ADF competition routines; that is true dedication! Maya was an INCREDIBLE Molly and a shining star in our Holiday Dream spectacular! Continue to work hard and you will enjoy the rewards you receive. Congratulations Maya!”

Miss Kimmy says: “It’s a pleasure to have Maya in class this year; she’s so eager to improve and learn! She has taken on a lot of classes this year, in addition to the lead role in the holiday show; she handles it all like a pro! Maya’s dedication and work ethic, at such a young age, will take her far in dance and in life! Keep it up, Maya!”

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