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Building confidence...all it takes is the right pair of shoes!


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AMA’s dance levels are broken down into age groups to ensure developmentally appropriate classes:

  1. Under 3: Tots
  2. Ages 2-4: Discovering Technique
  3. Ages 4-5: Tiny Technique
  4. Ages 6-7: Petite Technique
  5. Ages 8-10: Junior Technique
  6. Ages 10+: Academy Technique

At AMA, we don’t teach kids to make great artists, we teach the arts to make great kids! We strive to develop the whole child using our core values every student matters, inclusivity, kindness and respect.

The habits and beliefs our students learn while at AMA, will follow them through their entire life.

Our students’ journey begins with us at age 2 and continues on through our Graduating Seniors. Our beautiful graduating seniors will have a joy-filled year of memories and celebration.  These wonderful moments of are to celebrate our students that have traveled with us on their journey of learning, loving and gratitude.  At recital of their senior year, all seniors will receive a special surprise gift.

Dance Classes Offered:

  • Adult Classes
  • Tap: Tap develops a strong sense of rhythm, coordination and agility by creating rhythmic sounds with the feet. It develops the dancer’s timing, tempo and coordination while engaging mind and body!
  • Ballet: Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance. It fosters grace and poise, discipline and technique that is essential to all forms of dance. Ballet benefits students in all areas of dance and is highly recommend for each student to turn hard work into possibility!
  • Hip-Hop: Hip Hop is a freestyle form of dance that stems from the roots of jazz, but incorporates modern urban movements and is performed to modern music. Hip hop brings the beat and the funk of the music to the dancer! Your dancer will develop rhythm, learn syncopation and musicality will age-appropriate moves and music.
  • Lyrical/Jazz: This combination class create opportunities to sample jazz and lyrical in a blend of technique and fun! Jazz is a rhythmic stylized dance that is energetic and fun! Lyrical combines the technical elements of dance with deep personal feelings and emotions to tell a story. 
  • Tumbling: Tumbling adds athleticism and gravity-defying elements to your performer’s skills. Focusing on acrobatic elements such as cartwheels, bridges and walkovers up to back handsprings, back tucks and aerials, tumbling develops flexibility and strength where your performer will learn discipline and to take risks in a safe environment.
  • Private Classes

AMA Academy of Performing Arts is a performance school. An integral part of progression are showcases and recitals.  Our students demonstrate their skills, timing and progression.  They also hone their skills in teamwork, camaraderie and facial animation. We love sharing our gifts with our families and community. ALL students should plan participating in our biennial Holiday Show and annual spring showcase!


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Adult Dance Classes

Haven’t danced in a while? No need to worry – we meet you where you are!

AMA will give you the individual attention you need to show you just how fun it is to dance again! If you are looking for some quality exercise and toning, AMA is for you! If you are an experienced or novice adult dancer, AMA has a wide variety of adult classes to keep you challenged and wanting more!

We offer Adult Dance classes for Ballet, Jazz/Hip-Hop and Tap! We have over 50 adult students and would love to have you join our AMA community!

Make time for YOU and join us one of our AMAzing Adult Dance classes! Our adult dance program is phenomenal! It’s time to add fitness and fun to your weekly routine!

“My daughter, Gracie, has been dancing with AMA for 5 years! She LOVES it here! The teachers are AMAzing! This is not just a dance class that you drop your child off to; AMA becomes your family! We love AMA!”
-Gracie’s Family

“We absolutely love AMA! Ms. Ann Marie & her staff are wonderful! Ann Marie gets to know all of the students and pays attention to everyone! She has a wonderful heart. All of the teachers & helpers are very caring and so talented! We feel like this school is more like home rather than just a place to learn dance, music, & tumbling. Thank you AMA for helping our daughter look forward to coming to class every week!”
– Neveah’s Family

Private Dance Classes

Private dance classes are always available. Please Contact Us to schedule.


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