We have two performances per year – one in December and one in June to provide our students with the opportunity to shine! It is a very exciting time where our students get to show off what they learned in class and feel like star! All dance, tumbling and music students perform in the same show(s) to allow our students to share their talents and hard work with family, friends and community.

AMA’s Annual Winter Performance

Date: December 17, 2023

Time: Cast A: 1pm & Cast B: 2:45pm

Location: Oakton Community College’s Spotlik Theater

Cost: Tickets can be purchased online here.

AMA students perform in recital

AMA’s 19th Annual Spring Performance!

Date: June 2024

Time: To be determined.

Cost: Tickets can be purchased online here.

Why Perform?

When a child performs on stage in the performing arts, they develop many important skills to set them up for success!

In addition to creating special memories that your family will cherish for many years, students learn and develop skills, such as adaptability, pride, communication, confidence, time management, creative thinking, perseverance, collaboration, reward and commitment through performing.