We have two NEW combination classes for our 2022-2023 Season: Jazz/Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop/Tap beginning September 6!

Does your child frolics around the playground? Make up dances to songs on the radio? Or just can’t stop their body from moving when they hear music? Spends time at home learning the latest dance trends? If so, it might be time to enroll them in dance lessons in AMA.

But what’s the best dance style for them? There’s a huge variety of dance styles for kids to learn. Each one lets them express themselves and is a good form of exercise. With our new combination classes, your child will get to explore and develop in dance!

  • Jazz/Hip-Hop on Tuesdays 7:10-7:55pm (Ages 6-9)
    • Jazz/Hip-Hop: This fun, energetic and structured class includes the styles of hip-hop and jazz. This style of dancing is entertaining to watch while fun and active to participate in featuring a combination of unique moves, intricate footwork, jumps, turns and style.
    • Enroll for Jazz/Hip-Hop on Tuesdays
  • Hip-Hop/Tap on Saturdays 11:10-11:55pm (Ages 8-12)
    • Hip-Hop/Tap: Perfect for students that have never tap danced before or are looking to continue on if they danced when they were younger. We are going back to the basic to learn steps such as toe heels, shuffles, Irishes, buffalos and more! All to fun and upbeat music! We will also learn to dance with style and confidence in Hip-Hop! Hip-Hop encourages kids to move their entire body and get comfortable within their own skin, both physically and socially.
    • Enroll for Hip-Hop/Tap on Saturdays

Hip-Hop is a freestyle form of dance that stems from the roots of jazz, but incorporates modern urban movements and is performed to modern music. Hip hop brings the beat and the funk of the music to the dancer! Your dancer will develop rhythm, learn syncopation and musicality will age-appropriate moves and music. 

Hip hop is a great way for young dancers to express themselves. It’s a good option for kids who don’t like to be held back with too many rules. Hip-hop can be a fun way for kids to make friends and build their confidence. It also requires a lot of body awareness to move certain parts of the body and is a great form of cardio exercise.

Jazz is a rhythmic stylized dance that is energetic and fun. Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a Jazz class the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. It is a great style to learn a well-rounded variety of all dance steps.

Jazz dancing is high energy with big movements. Kids who love to perform and who have big personalities choose Jazz dancing as a perfect dance style. Jazz dancing is very diverse and can cover anything from a slower, modern number to a Broadway-style routine. The variety of movement is exciting for kids, especially if they get bored with one style.

Tap develops a strong sense of rhythm, coordination and agility by creating rhythmic sounds with the feet. It develops the dancer’s timing, tempo and coordination while engaging mind and body!

Tap is rhythmic, energetic, and loud. Anyone can tap and have fun learning the basics. Tap is a great option for kids who love to make noise and have fun.  Tap is a great form of exercise for dancers at all levels—young students will like getting their wiggles out and making sounds, and more experienced dancers can enjoy the self-expression and movement that comes from tap.

  • The cost of each 45-minute dance/tumbling class is $89/mo. with a 1x/year Membership Dues of $45 which is charged at registration. Classes meet each week from now until July 29, 2023 to most benefit our students. Tuition is charged on the 1st of every month. We add up the total for the year and divide it into equal monthly payments so whether there are 3-weeks, 4-weeks or 5-weeks, your tuition remains the same to make it easier for our families. We have 2 performances per year with additional costume costs. Our performances provide our students with the opportunity to shine!

It is a perfect class for kids looking to learn new skills and make new friends! If your child is interested in Tik Tok style dancing – these classes are perfect! All of our classes focus on engagement where all students feel comfortable and nurtured while remaining active and creative 🙂

Enroll online, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 847-299-2233!

We look forward to watching your child grow in confidence, take class with their peers, stay active and have fun dancing this year!

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