AMA Dance & Music School. in Des Plaines, Illinois has two LARGE dance studios, each providing stereos with surround sound for our students! Studio J has an elevated wood-sprung floor. The springs installed will protect our dancers’ knees from injury over the years. We chose maple, as maple does not splinter like oak and parquet does. An Adagio jazz/ballet floor was installed in Studio K. We ordered it straight from New York, home of the American Ballet Academy. The floors are top-of-the-line and completely gorgeous.

I am especially excited about our one-way FULL viewing mirrors. As not only the studio owner but also a parent, I feel very strongly that you are entitled to see what is going on in the classroom at all times. I did not want to install one tiny window that everyone crowds around, so I installed five HUGE one-way mirrors (that measure 5′ square)! Now you can see what your child is learning, and our students will be able to concentrate with no distractions. You will love it! 8-foot high mirrors were installed on two full walls in each studio for best learning capabilities possible for our students. In addition, the third wall has the one-way mirrors on it.

Did you know this about AMA?


  • We guarantee age-appropriate costumes, music and choreography.
  • We use proven curriculum and provide progress reports to all students in our children’s classes.
  • Our balanced studio focuses on the student as a whole, creating life lessons and lifetime friendships!
  • AMA Instructors attend continued training to further their education.
  • AMA offers performance opportunities for all students and are the highlight of your child’s year! Recitals boost confidence, promote teamwork, provide goals, build new skills and create memories.
  • As a More Than Just Great Dancing studio, we are committed to providing MORE than excellent dance, tumbling and music instruction. AMA Students go beyond technique by developing important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents throughout our community.
  • We offer a variety of styles and disciplines for well-rounded performers.
  • AMA has created our very own in-house 501(3)(c) charity, Loving lunches, where we make between 300-500 sack lunches every week to feed Chicagoland’s homeless community. The bulk of our lunches are made by children!

Dance, Tumbling & Music Makes Kids Healthier!

  • Dancing encourages your child to carry themselves better, and is excellent for your spine. Dancers are taught how to control their bodies to support their own weight optimally.
  • The Performing Arts can improve self-worth. As they achieve and perform, they are proud of their accomplishments and grow in confidence!
  • Exercise improves mental & physical well-being.
  • Kids spend on average 7+ hours a day with various electronic devices.
  • The Performing Arts are a great way to take a break from screen time.
  • Dance & Tumbling allows for better agility & flexibility.
  • Dance helps promote neurological development. Learning to dance to rhythms stimulates the brain. This improves cognitive abilities, as well as their neurological health.
  • Music helps brain development with sound processing, language development, speech perception, mathematic ability and reading skills!
  • Our qualified staff work with each and every student to ensure they are learning.
  • Enrolling in a performing arts facility allows for parents to have all of your child’s activities in 1 spot!
  • Dance, Tumbling & Music are FUN!


AMA's goal is to encourage the personal growth of each and every student who walks through our doors. We promise to do our absolute best to provide an environment where you and your child will develop confidence and high self-esteem through technical and energetic instruction, positive reinforcement, personal attention and quality customer service. We look forward to making happy memories with you and your family that will last a lifetime.

Miss Ann Marie – 1970 • Miss Ann Marie – 2000