What separates AMA from every other Dance, Tumbling, and Music school is our incredible, dedicated staff.

Each one of our teachers really loves what they do… and it shows!

That being said, when something wonderful happens for our teachers, our students really want to be a part of the celebration!

Ms. Holly is a dance instructor at AMA and is also co-director of AMA Dance Force, one of our competitive dance teams. These girls have really bonded with their teachers Ms. Kimmy and Ms. Holly. And, they were super excited to hear about Ms. Holly’s engagement while she was on holiday break in Italy!

Ms. Kimmy taught the girls a short routine that both AMA Future Force and AMA Dance Force would perform for Ms. Holly when she returned. The students also signed a beautiful poster featuring a diamond ring that was created by one of our wonderful prop and set designers, Mrs. Cari Netzel.

This video captures an incredibly touching moment of the performance. Ms. Holly’s smile was radiant and the children were beyond adorable! Check out the video below to see for yourself!


The AMA Family


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