Meet AMA Students, Dian M. & Gali G.!

Dian M., Age 11

Fun Facts About Dian!Dian takes music lessons at AMA.

♦ Her Favorite Food: Sushi
♦ Her Favorite Color: Blue
♦ Her Favorite TV Show: The Amazing World of Gumball
♦ Her Favorite Activity: Playing with her dogs

Quick Q&A

♦ What lessons do you take at AMA? Piano
♦ What is your favorite song to play? The Ice Skaters
♦ How many years have you been taking lessons? 5 years

What music means to Dian, in her own words…

“Music is my passion; it’s also my life! Music is everything to me and I can’t live without it!”

Dian, this is what your teachers shared about you…

Miss Ann Marie: “It is an absolute pleasure to have Dian as a student here at AMA! She is always smiling when she comes into her lessons and is polite and kind to those around her. Dian has a great work ethic and passion for music, which really show when she performs, and it’s been wonderful to see her grow as a musician. She is a great role model for all of our AMAzing students! Congratulations, Dian, on this well-deserved achievement!”

Miss Jessica: “Dian is such an AMAzing student! She diligently practices a half hour daily and her hard work during the week shows when she comes to her lessons! She is always ready to tackle new things. Over the past few months, her sight reading has improved tremendously and she is becoming more and more aware of musical elements, such as dynamics, tempo marking, and phrasing, which really brings her pieces to life and makes them sound beautiful. She also recently joined her school’s jazz band! I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to see what’s ahead for Dian!”

Congratulations on being our February 2014 Music Student of the Month, Dian!


Gali G., Age 4

Fun Facts About Gali!Gali loves taking dance at AMA Dance and Music School!

♦ Her Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese and more cheese!
♦ Her Favorite Color: Purple and Pink
♦ Her Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony and Monster High
♦ Her Favorite Activity: Painting and arts / crafts

Quick Q&A

♦ Classes Gali Takes at AMA: Ballet/Tap & Hip Hop
♦ What are your favorite dance moves? All of them, from raise the roof to plié
♦ How many years have you been taking class? 2 years

What dance means to Gali, in her own words…

“It’s fun and exciting! I love my dance teacher, Miss Katie, a lot!”

Gali, this is what your teachers shared about you…

Miss Ann Marie: “It is always a pleasure to award Student of the Month to one of our younger students. This means that Gali stands out because of her positive attitude and readiness to learn! I know from experience that Gali runs in our doors with a smile and a hug for all. We cannot wait to see how she continues to grow as a person and a dancer with us! Congratulations, Gali, on this well-deserved award!”

Miss Katie: “I have had the pleasure of teaching Gali for two years now; she is truly a ray of sunshine with a heart full of love, giggles, and smiles! She always puts a huge smile on my face with her funny comments and amazing dance moves. She does everything in class whole-heartedly and gives it everything she’s got! Currently, Gali is taking my Hippity Hoppers class, and is the only girl, but she truly gives those boys a run for their money with her awesome dance moves! Never do I need to remind Gali what she needs to be doing; she is always on task, showing everyone what it means to be a positive leader on and off the dance floor. Overall, Gali is just AMAzing!”

Miss Chesney: “I’ve only had Gali in class for a few weeks but I can already see how much she loves dance and what a great student she is! Gali always comes in with a smile and puts all of her energy into everything she learns! I can’t wait to see what she continues to bring to class and to the stage! Keep it up, Gali!”

Congratulations on being our February 2014 Dance Student of the Month, Gali!


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