Students of All Ages (AMA Teachers Too!) Dance with The Barefoot Hawaiians!

We promised you a video, didn’t we? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

But just a quick recap: On Friday, January 18 we held our Annual Student Appreciation Pajama Party & Sleepover. Since our theme this year was a luau, we invited The Barefoot Hawaiians to join us!

Surrounded by palm trees and grass skirts, we made leis, held raffles, ate hot dogs – and we learned how to hula dance!

Beautiful Smiles!

We just had to start this post with another photo of AMA students! Who could resist? 🙂

AMA Dance students attend the pajama party.

Everyone had a great time!

And Now… The Video!

Here’s what you came to see: AMA students, staff and instructors, and parents – all dancing, laughing, and having an AMAzing time!

Again, a BIG THANKS goes out to the AMA Staff & The Barefoot Hawaiians!

You all helped make this pajama party one to remember!

AMA Staff and The Barefoot Hawaiians.

AMA Staff and The Barefoot Hawaiians.

Want to see more party pics?

Visit Part 1: Student Appreciation Pajama Party & Sleepover (Photos!) for more AMAzing photos!


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