Meet AMA Students, Carolyn M. & Bella R.!

Carolyn M., Age 16

Fun Facts About Carolyn!Carolyn M is AMA's April Student of the Month!

♦ Her Favorite Food: Watermelon
♦ Her Favorite Color: Teal
♦ Her Favorite TV Show: Friends & The Bachelor
♦ Classes Carolyn Takes at AMA: Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Company & helps with Tumbleweeds 🙂

Quick Q&A

♦ What is your favorite activity? Dance.
♦ What is your favorite dance move? Pique turns.
♦ How many years have you been taking Class? Eleven years.

What dance means to Carolyn, in her own words…

Dance, to me, is the best part of the week. Dance has helped me with my confidence and teaches me to never give up. And, my teachers are absolutely AMAzing! I thought dance was just dance, but it is so much more! It is friends, fun and lots of laughs!

Carolyn, this is what your teachers shared about you…

Miss Ann Marie: Carolyn is not only an amazing dancer with lovely grace and poise, but she demonstrates outstanding leadership and character skills. She is always willing to help a classmate with choreography, comes to class prepared and always follows our dress code perfectly. Carolyn is a team player who is willing to step in and help with birthday parties or assisting in classes whenever the studio needs her… with a smile and positive attitude. I have known Carolyn for 8 years and have enjoyed watching her grow into a beautiful dancer, strong role model for our younger dancers and a lovely young lady! Congratulations, Carolyn! I am very proud of you!

Miss Tiffany: Carolyn has such a positive attitude! She isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. She is always excited for class and brings great energy and focus to the room! She also has great attendance.

Miss Amy P.: When I think of students that embody what AMA’s “student of the month” means, Carolyn is the first to come to mind. She is an amazing dancer who rarely misses class or rehearsal and her hard work and determination is apparent in class each week. She is respectful to her teachers and classmates, always enthusiastic and energetic and always has a gorgeous smile on her face!

Congratulations on being our April Dance Student of the Month, Carolyn!


Bella R., Age 7

Fun Facts About Bella!AMA's April Music Student of the Month is Bella R

♦ Her Favorite Food: Pizza
♦ Her Favorite Color: Purple
♦ Her Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony

Quick Q&A

♦ What is your favorite activity? Hip-hop and piano.
♦ What is your favorite song to play? Jolly Old St. Nicholas.
♦ How long have you been taking lessons? Seven months.

What music means to Bella, in her own words…

Music means a ton to me. It’s half my life! Music makes my days always better. If I’m singing or playing piano or dancing, I am happy!

Bella, this is what your teacher shared about you…

Miss Jing: I am very proud that Bella is chosen as the featured student of the month. I am always amazed with the progress she makes each and every week. She always comes prepared for her lesson and is very observant and passionate in playing the piano. It is truly a joy for a teacher to have Bella as a student!

Congratulations on being our April Music Student of the Month, Bella!


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